Piero Amodio, MD
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Short biography of PIERO AMODIO


Piero Amodio was born in Udine (Italy) on June the 11th 1953. He studied Medicine in the University of Padua (Italy) and then obtained the specialization in Internal Medicine.

He developed the academic career in the Medicine Department of the University Hospital of Padua in a team oriented to the study of liver cirrhosis and its complications. He was associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Director of the Interdepartmental Centre of Research for Neuropsychiatric Complications in Internal Medicine. Now he is retired from the University Hospital and works as consultant in a private clinic for mental disorders.

The research of Prof. Amodio covered various areas of internal medicine. In particular, the pathophysiology, treatment and clinics of liver diseases. His interest was oriented to the metabolic and nutritional aspects of cirrhosis, portal hypertension and systemic haemodynamic alterations and hepatic encephalopathy. Particular attention was dedicated to the neurological implications in hepatology and internal medicine. In this context, he gathered around him a valuable research group, and has organized a laboratory for cognitive and electrophysiological research. He developed original approaches to the diagnosis of minimal hepatic encephalopathy.

He served as President of the International Society for Hepatic Encephalopathy and Nitrogen Metabolism (2005-2008) and participated in the writing of guidelines about HE.