Nathan Davies, PhD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Nathan Davies is Professor of Biochemistry at the UCL Division of Medicine, #1 in London for Medicine and #10 in the world as a Faculty of Medical Sciences. Prof Davies is an expert in the field of Acute on Chronic Liver Disease. He has published over 140 peer reviewed publications and over 280 articles in total, has aH index of 43 and is currently an investigator on numerous research grants totalling over €15 million.

In addition to his innovative work as a Liver Disease and Nutrition researcher, Nathan is both the Head of Education for the world leading Division of Medicine at UCL and the Director of Nutrition Education at UCL. Under Nathan’s leadership Nutrition has become one of the fastest growing areas of study at a Masters level in the entire UCL Medical Sciences Faculty. Nathan is also a registered nutritionist with The Association for Nutrition.


Nathan began his academic career at the University of Essex with a BSc Hons (II(i)) Biological and Medicinal Chemistry which was completed in 1994. He completed his PhD in Biological Chemistry also at the University of Essex in examining inflammation in septic shock syndome (1999). He has been a Visiting Senior Lecturer & Honorary Fellow at the University of Essex since 2001. He left the University of Essex to join UCL in 2001.


Dr Davies has appeared on a wide variety of major news programs, newspapers and websites. As recognised liver disease and nutrition researcher, he is often contacted by leading media to provide an expert view on a wide range of topics around nutrition.