Helen Vidot
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Faculty Bio

Helen Vidot has been working in the area of nutrition and liver disease and transplantation since the early days of liver transplantation in Australia. She has a strong evidence-based approach to the nutritional management of patients with advanced liver disease, is responsible for the education of dietitians and other health care professionals and has just completed her PhD.

She has a special interest in nutrition intervention and hepatic encephalopathy and first “stumbled” across ISHEN when Stephen Olde-Damink suggested she should attend the ISHEN meeting in Padova after visiting Giulio Marchesini in Bologna. From that point, Helen has been a regular attendee at ISHEN and has been the lead investigator of a study looking at the effects of supplementation with synbiotics, branched chain amino acids and hepatic encephalopathy.