Chastain Flournoy
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

M. Chastain Flournoy began her work in 2015 after completing training from the Life Coach Training Institute following International Coaching Federation ethics. She then broadened her skill set and became a Mindfulness Practitioner at the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. She has also completed certificates in Cognitive Behavioural and Integrated Wellness Coaching from Renaissance Life Therapies as well as Therapeutic Art Life Coaching and Mindfulness Coaching from the Transformation Academy. Mrs. Flournoy has also studied Tantra under sociologist Adelka Skotak and tantric expert, Psalk Isadora.

Mrs. Flournoy has been disabled by a painful disease, Trigeminal Neuralgia, since 2012 and lives with constant pain to this day. She believes that mindfulness is the key to happiness in not only relationships, but in our spiritual, professional, and family lives. Most importantly, she believes that mindfulness is a powerful technique for anyone suffering from mental and physical challenges. She uses mindfulness to manage her own pain as a supplement to, and often replacement for, pain medication.

Mrs. Flournoy has supported other chronic pain sufferers, first with her former blog, My Brain Hates Me, and her work with the International Pain Foundation. Now she uses her experiences with suffering, pain, and questioning to provide guidance for individuals, couples, and chosen families who are striving to find joy and meaning in their lives. She offers workshops, classes, and individual coaching centering on self-care, mindfulness, ritual, and sexual wellness. More information can be found on her website,

Mrs. Flournoy works with non-monogamous and LGBTQ+ individuals as well as executives and professionals, raising awareness for alternative communities and helping them create mindful connections to their lives, loves, and dreams. Her former experience as a corporate training and quality assurance expert in the logistics industry gives her valuable insight on work/life balance.

Mrs. Flournoy has just completed a book on self care for relationships called Relationship Care: Creating & Sustaining Boundaries & Passion in Your Love Life, and produces a podcast with her chosen family about polyamory and sexual health.