Tess Searls, DNP, RN, PMH-CNS, PMH-NP
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Faculty Bio

Dr. Tess Searls is the program manager for the department of psychiatry at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System.  Tess oversees program development and quality improvement initiatives that impact all psychiatric patients throughout the healthcare continuum.  She led programming initiatives that led to a 99% reduction in staff injury and patient restraint at The Virginia Treatment Center for Children.  Her clinical focus is looking at how nursing systems of care impact the patient experience.  She maintains that we must engage with our clients in relationship and then through that relationship create the safety to risk healing and health.  Most importantly, Tess is the handler for her therapy dog, Somerset, an integral part of her work in connecting with broken people.  “Many of the people we care for have been hurt by other people. Somerset is a safe way to connect with and give love to those people”.