Alison Montpetit, PhD, RN, NPD-BC
Disclosures: NO DISCLOSURE

Dr. Alison Montpetit is a PhD-prepared, registered nurse board certified in Nursing Professional Development and the current Director of Nursing Research & Innovation at VCU Health. Previously, she served as a Nurse Clinician in the Adult Emergency Department at VCU Health and was an Assistant Professor in the Adult Health and Nursing Systems Department at the VCU School of Nursing. She received her PhD and MS in Adult Nursing from the University of South Florida and BS in Nursing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at VCU SON which bridged her basic science immunology training with her clinical practice background in intensive care nursing. Her federally-funded program of research focuses on the area of exhaled breath biomarker characterization in patients with pulmonary conditions such as respiratory failure, asthma, cystic fibrosis, or history of e-cigarette use. In her current role, she supports organizational programs focused on research, evidence-based practice, and performance improvement and is deeply passionate about inspiring a transparent, interprofessional culture of clinical inquiry.