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Jay Van Bavel is an Associate Professor of Psychology & Neural Science at New York University, an affiliate at the Stern School of Business in Management and Organizations, and Director of the Social Identity & Morality Lab. He completed his PhD at the University of Toronto and a postdoctoral fellowship at The Ohio State University before joining the faculty at NYU in 2010. He received the NYU Golden Dozen Teaching Award for teaching courses on Social Psychology, Social Neuroscience, Attitudes and Evaluation, Intergroup Relations, Group Identity, Moral Psychology, Professional Development, as well as an Introduction to Psychology.


From neurons to social networks, Jay’s research examines how collective concerns—group identities, moral values, and political beliefs—shape the mind and brain. This work addresses issues of group identity, social motivation, cooperation, implicit bias, moral judgment and decision-making, and group regulation from a social neuroscience perspective. His research team studies these issues using a social neuroscience approach, that incorporates neuroimaging, lesion patients, social cognitive tasks, large-scale surveys, and linguistic analysis of social media posts.


Jay has published over 100 academic publications and written research essays in The New York Times, BBC, Scientific American, Wall Street Journal, Quartz, and the Washington Post. He also co-authors a mentoring column, entitled Letters to Young Scientists, for Science Magazine. His work has been in academic papers as well as in the US Supreme Court and Senate. He has also given talks at dozens of the Psychology Departments and Business Schools, as well as academic conferences, professional events, and non-academic organizations. His research was also featured in TEDx and TED-Ed videos.


This research has received several awards, including the Young Investigator Award for distinguished contributions in social neuroscience from the Society for Social Neuroscience, the Young Scholars Award for outstanding achievements in social and personality psychology from the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology, the Janet T. Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions from the Association for Psychological Science, the F.J. McGuigan Early Career Investigator Prize from the American Psychological Foundation and the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize.

Jay’s work has been generously supported by the National Science Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, American Psychological Foundation, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, John Templeton Foundation, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, AE Foundation, and New York University, as well as grants and fellowships awarded to his students and postdocs.



In terms of presentation, I assume you want me to present this paper: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41562-020-0884-z. This should help speak to the issues you raise, including factors that healthcare professionals need to convince the public to accept public health recommendations (e.g., wearing a mask, distancing).


Jay J. Van Bavel
Associate Professor

Psychology & Neural Science

New York University



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Jeanette Amery, DNP, AGACNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner, Division of Transplant Surgery 

VCU Health


Possible Title:

Strategies for Implementation of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocol in Kidney Transplantation



Alison J. Montpetit, PhD, RN, NPD-BC

VCU Health

Director of Nursing Research & Innovation



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Dean Fixsen, PhD is an implementation scientist and directs the Active Implementation Research Network. In his career he has developed, implemented, and evaluated evidence-based programs and change processes in provider organizations and human service delivery systems, improving the lives of children, families, adults, and society. Dean co-developed evidence-based Active Implementation Frameworks; Co-Founded the National Implementation Research Network; Co-Founded the Global Implementation Initiative; and is a Research Affiliate member of the UNC WHO Collaborating Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health. He is a Founding Editor for the Journal of Implementation Science.



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Dean L. Fixsen, PhD

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Founder, National Implementation Research Network

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