Rosaire Verna, MD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Rosaire Verna MD, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, has worked for over three decades as a persistent advocate for the direct integration of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use disorders into primary care practices. Since the early part of her career, Dr. Verna has continued her education in the field of addiction treatment and its prevalence among patients who traditionally receive their healthcare through local primary care clinics and family medicine practices. She is a subject-matter expert in the treatment, policy and education about chronic, neurologically-based diseases, such as addiction and mental illness. With a sharp focus on current research regarding the origin, genetics, prevention and integrated treatment of addictive disorders, Dr. Verna critically analyzes trends with an emphasis on educating not only medical professionals, but also those in fields that intersect with addiction, such as criminal justice, education, public safety and veterans health. As a board-certified Family Physician, she has firsthand knowledge of the social, family and individual destruction caused by inadequately or untreated behavioral disorders. She has worked as a subject-matter expert on the neuroscience of addiction for legislative leaders, medical professionals, prosecutors and the public at large. Dr. Verna has devoted her career to people who struggle to recover from addiction, along with their families, and to raising awareness of the evidence base of MAT as an effective and safe intervention.