Campbell Gentil, BA
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 05/13/2021

Campbell Bryan Gentil was born in Richmond, attended St.n Catherine’s for 13 years and grew up near Libbie and Grove Avenue. She was diagnosed with CF when she was 17 years old, a junior in high school. She switched her afterschool sport to be track, and started running cross country all year round. Following this, she went from ~70% lung function when she was diagnosed, to ~90% lung function while running track. She is now pancreatic sufficient, on Trikafta, and maintains around ~80% (37 years old).


Post high school, she went to the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga, where she graduated with a BBA in Management Information Systems. Her first job was working for KPMG as a technology consultant in Atlanta, Georgia. After a year of that (80% travel isn’t easy for a CFer), she moved to New Orleans and worked as a product manager for a startup company (which was too much). She then moved to Washington DC and continued her product management career. Lastly, she moved home to Richmond! She is now a product manager for Capital One, and lives in the museum district with her husband Conner, their 5 month old girl Beverley, and their two dogs Grady and Hazelnut.