Kathryn Maher, PhD, LCP
Disclosures: Non-Clinical Exception

Dr. Katy Maher is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in the Division of Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry and Assistant Professor of Surgery, and she provides clinical services to Trauma Surgery and Evans-Haynes Burn Center. She is a clinical psychologist who has worked within health and pediatric psychology. Dr. Maher completed her graduate training at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program.


The current focus of her clinical work is providing intervention to pediatric and adult patients who have been admitted to the Level I trauma center. As part of her clinical work, Dr. Maher has been providing screening for the risk of development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression following admission to the Level I trauma center. She also developed a Trauma Psychology outpatient clinic that provides evidence-based treatment for Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD following discharge from the Level I trauma center. Dr. Maher is a founding member of the Trauma Informed Leadership Team, a new hospital-wide initiative at VCU to provide trauma-informed care to patients, and she is the leader of the subcommittee on Screening, Interventions and Partnerships whose goal is to provide early identification and intervention for trauma and adverse childhood experiences while improving patient engagement in treatment plans and adherence. Dr. Maher has worked within health psychology for several years and has experience working on multiple interdisciplinary teams in a variety of settings.