Diane Pelkey, MSW, MSN, RN, CHPN
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 09/29/2020

Diane Pelkey, BSN, RN, MSN, MSW, CHPN, received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Syracuse University in 1984.  After graduation she worked at Sloan Kettering hospital in New York she then went to Pittsburgh and worked in the ICU at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.    She later returned to school and completed her Masters of Social Work Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1988.     In 2009 Diane received her Masters of Nursing Degree from University of Virginia.  She has worked in hospice, oncology, administration and palliative care for the last 22 years.  She joined Bon Secours palliative medicine in September 2015 to help implement the palliative home program and is currently a Clinical Manager for Bon Secours hopsice  



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