Doumit BouHaidar, MD
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Doumit S. BouHaidar, MD


Associate Professor





(if applicable)



Mont La Salle College, Lebanon




American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon




Lebanese University, Dekwaneh-Beirut, Lebanon




Sacré-Coeur Hospital, Lebanese University, Dekwaneh-Beirut, Lebanon



Internal Medicine

Carney Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts



Internal Medicine

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia





A.              Personal Statement

I earned my medical degree from the Lebanese University School of Medicine in 1993. I completed my internal medicine residency at Carney Hospital, Boston University in Boston, MA in 1996.  I completed my fellowship in gastroenterology at VCU in 1998 and Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship in 1999. I joined the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at the VCU Medical Center in 2003 as Assistant Professor of Medicine. I grew the therapeutic endoscopy program at VCU and became a program director for the Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship Program since 2008.


I always wanted the therapeutic endoscopy group to remain competitive in offering the cutting-edge technology and procedures to our patients.  I kept on expanding the use of EUS, moving from a mere diagnostic tool to an important therapeutic tool.


Clinical work did not stop me from focusing on my mission to teach, I became the GI course director for the M2 class and led it for many years. It was gratifying to share my enthusiasm with students and perhaps inspire some to seek Gastroenterology as their career of choice. 


I also started to be known around the country and was invited to give lectures at regional and national meetings of GI societies like the American College of Gastroenterology.  I have also spoken by invitation at grand rounds at GI divisions, and Internal Medicine departments at VCU and at other academic centers.


All of my clinical duties involve service to our patients, but I have also participated in service to VCU and to various GI professional societies. Here at VCU, I took part of many important committees, the Protocol Review & Monitoring Committee, the Clinical Competency Committee, the Endoscopy Steering Committee, and the Endoscopy Scheduling Committee.


I am an active member of ACG, ASGE, AGA, and the Virginia Gastroenterological Society.


B.              Positions and Honors


Previous Positions              : 1997 to 1999

                Clinical Instructor in the Department of Emergency Medicine

                Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, Virginia


              : June 2000 to November 2003

                Clinical Instructor of Medicine at Balamand University

                Beirut, Lebanon


              : 2003 to 2010

                Assistant Professor of Medicine

                Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

                Medical College of Virginia Hospitals


              : 2010 to current

                Associate Professor of Medicine

                Program Director for Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Fellowship

                Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

                Medical College of Virginia Hospitals



Faculty Appointments              : Associate Professor of Medicine in the division of

Gastroenterology at Virginia Commonwealth University

                November 2003 to current

              : Clinical Instructor of Medicine at Balamand University

                June 2000 to November 2003

              : Clinical Instructor in the Department of Emergency Medicine

                May 1997 to Dec. 1999

                Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, Virginia



Awards & Honors              : Graduated among the top 10% of class in medicine1993

              : Best Teaching Resident Award 1996

              : ACG presidential Award ACG meeting 2007

              : President Plenary Session, ACG annual meeting 2008

              : VCU-SOM “Best Teacher Award” 2009

              : VCU-SOM “Outstanding Teacher Award” 2009

              : VCU-SOM “Outstanding Teacher Award” 2010

              : VCU-SOM “Outstanding Teacher Award” 2011

              : Voted by peers as “Top Doctors” in Richmond Magazine 2011

              : VCU-SOM “Outstanding Teacher Award” 2012

              : Voted by peers as “Top Doctors” in Richmond Magazine 2012

              : Voted by peers as “Top Doctors” in Richmond Magazine 2013

              : Voted by peers as “Top Doctors” in Richmond Magazine 2015

              : Voted by peers as “Top Doctors” in Richmond Magazine 2018

              : Voted by peers as “Top Doctors” in Richmond Magazine 2020

C.              Selected Peer-reviewed Publications



A Management Algorithm For Esophageal Perforation, Am J Surg, 2007 Jul;194(1):103-6. Kiev J, Amendola M, BouHaidar D, Sandhu Bs, Zhao X, Maher J


The long-term natural history of pancreatitis: Pancreatic duct morphology does not predict development of pancreatic failure. Am J Gastro2005;100(7):S89. Sandhu BS, BouHaidar D, Zfass AM, Sanyal AJ


Recurrent flares of pancreatitis predict development of exocrine insufficiency in chronic pancreatitis, Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007 Sep; 5(9): 1085-91

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ERAT: A new ERA for appendicitis therapy? Dig Dis Sci 2016 Nov;3099-3101. BouHaidar DS, Bawany MZ, Schubert ML.


Requirement of a single high-risk feature as an indication for EUS for the diagnosis of asymptomatic pancreatic cysts. Pancreatology. 2016 Nov-Dec;16(6):1015-1019. Kohli DR, Kapoor A, BouHaidar D, Vachhani R.


Diagnostic accuracy of laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging in detecting biliary strictures after liver transplantation. Dig Dis Sci 2017 May;62(5):1327-1333. Kholi DR, Vachhani R, Shah TU, BouHaidar DS, Siddiqui MS.


Significant infections in liver transplant recipients undergoing ERCP are few and unaffected by prophylactic antibiotics. Dig Liver Dis. 2018 Nov;50(11) 1220-1224. Kholi DR, Shah TU, BouHaidar DS, Vachhani R, Siddiqui MS.


Acute pancreatitis secondary to the use of the anabolic steroid trenbolone acetate. Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2019 Jan; 57(1):60-62. Kumar V, Issa D, Smallfield G, BouHaidar D.


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