Jacqueline R. Crawford, MSN, RN, PCCN
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 09/07/2021

Jacqueline (“Renee”) Crawford earned a master’s degree in Nursing Education from Walden University and is certified as an expert in Adult Progressive Care Nursing from American Critical Care Nurses Association. Nursing has provided many professional and personal experiences. Serving on the GRAC Board, Odyssey Planning Committee, as Newsletter Editor, and networking with nurses from other area hospitals’ have been a privilege and an encouragement professionally and personally. Volunteering in several community outreach projects for work and church have continued this growth and fulfillment.

When Renee decided to pursue nursing, her family was surprised. She was not the ‘usual’ nursing student. Being a teacher was her childhood dream, and years later when she questioned her nursing career decision, she realized after career counseling that her personality type allowed a unique perspective. Her perspective was to see and treat the whole patient, not just task-oriented care. This is not the typical nursing approach, but much appreciated by patients and staff through the years. Having a unique perspective as a nurse has allowed professional and personal growth for over three decades. Earning several Daisy Awards, serving in multiple committees to improve quality and safe care, and serving in roles such as charge nurse, preceptor, mentor, clinical care coordinator, and educator have been deeply gratifying. Lifelong learning has been the key to success and resiliency in nursing and in life.

Activities she enjoys include being in the great outdoors such as camping with family and friends, kayaking, hiking trails, gardening, exercising, reading, scouting and serving with her church family.