Kim Templeton, MD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 05/17/2022


Kim Templeton, MD is Professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City and department vice-chair for diversity and equityShe was the first McCann Professor of Women in Medicine and Science in the United States.  She received the inaugural Women Leaders in Medicine Award from the American Medical Student Association in 2008, the Marjorie J. Siddridge leadership award for women in medicine from the University of Kansas in 2012, the AMWA Elizabeth Blackwell Award for outstanding contributions to the cause of women in the field of medicine in 2013, and the AMWA Bertha Van Hoosen Award in 2019 for exception leadership and service to women physicians and students.  She was named to the University of Kansas Women’s Hall of Fame and an honorary alumnus of the University of Kansas in 2014.


Dr. Templeton is a past-president of the American Medical Women’s Association.  During her tenure as president of AMWA, Dr. Templeton developed the organization’s Wellness Initiative and continues to lead that.  Dr. Templeton is also co-chair of the AMWA Opioid Addiction in Women Task Force.  Dr. Templeton is past vice-chair of the AMA Women Physician Section and past chair of the AMA Orthopaedic Section.  She initiated and worked with the AMA in developing their new policy that recognizes an “expanded definition of ‘women’s health”.  She is a member of committees within the NQF and the bone and joint expert review committee of the NCQA.  Dr. Templeton is a past president of the US Bone and Joint Initiative.  During her tenure as president of the USBJI, she developed multiple public education programs to address the burden of musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Templeton is past-president and currently the first special advisor to the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.  During her tenure as a member and president of the KSBHA, she helped develop a new category of “re-entry license”, one of the few such in the US.  In 2019, Dr. Templeton worked with the Board to change licensure language to no long ask about specific applicant/licensee health issues, to encourage those in healthcare to seek the care that they need.  Dr. Templeton is a member of the Kansas prescription drug monitoring program advisory committee and the HealthyWomen chronic pain task force. 


Dr. Templeton’s research focuses on issues faced by women physicians and the inclusion of sex and gender constructs in medicine and health professionals’ educationHer work addressing the issues of women physicians extends from medical students to those nearing the end of practice and includes such topics as burnout and re-entry to practice.  Dr. Templeton was the lead author on the National Academy of Medicine paper on burnout among women physicians in 2019 and the senior author of a paper published in 2020 that was the first to address issues faced by senior women physiciansShe is currently the guest co-editor for a special volume of Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research that is addressing issues of diversity in orthopaedic surgery.