Monica Vest Wheeler
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 05/05/2022

After endless hours engaging with hundreds of patients, survivors, families, caregivers and healthcare professionals, Monica Vest Wheeler has captured the heart of coping with the emotional and everyday challenges of brain-related injuries, illnesses and diseases through her books, speaking and photography.


Authoring volumes on coping with cancer, Alzheimer’s and stroke, this former newspaper reporter and editor has written hundreds of posts about the real experiences of individuals and families facing catastrophic health events. Since 2008, she’s been a volunteer and photographer at about 160 stroke and brain injury camps across the United States. Also an avid historian, she has created nearly a dozen regional and institutional history books in the Peoria, Illinois, area. She knows how to dig deep into facts AND feelings. 


Unafraid of asking and answering tough questions, Monica says aloud what most people are hesitant to address about these life issues. She delves into the raw emotions of these engagements, as she encourages people to acknowledge and communicate the essence of what makes us human … and grasp how life is too precious to be wasted in anger, grief, sadness, loneliness and blame.