Joel Wedd, MD, MPH
Disclosures: Consulting Fee-Exact Sciences (Relationship has ended) - 04/14/2022

In Dr. Joel Wedd’s world, the patients are very sick, the decisions have long-term consequences, and there are many ethical decisions to be made. But for Dr. Wedd, medical director of liver transplant at VCU Health Hume-Lee Transplant Center, his deep training and expertise call on him to be the best he can be and do what is right for his patients and community.

Dr. Wedd oversees liver transplantations at one of the nation's leading and most surgically advanced transplant programs. Each year, Hume-Lee transplants more than 130 livers into patients  and demand for the scarce organ and life-saving procedure is growing.

In addition to leading liver transplantation, Dr. Wedd is a transplant hepatologist, specializing in treatment and therapy for all types of liver disease. Many of those patients require a transplant, and he helps them survive to reach that point and cares for them after transplant. Conditions he treats include viral liver diseases, fatty liver disease, alcohol-related issues, and biliary, autoimmune, or other metabolic liver diseases. He also regularly cares for patients who have developed cirrhosis due to disease or alcohol use, and may have complications impacting their quality of life.