Kerry Patterson, MSN, RN, CCRN-K
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 10/14/2019

Kerry Patterson has been a nurse for almost 23 years at VCU Health System. She has about 20 years’ experience in the Pauley Heart Center and 3 years’ experience as a case manager for acute care surgical patients.

Kerry graduated in 2013 with her Master’s Degree in nursing education and practice from the University of Phoenix.  

She is currently the nurse educator for the Coronary Intensive Care Unit, certified in critical care, team lead for the unit’s education committee and unit orientation program, and an active member of AACN.

Kerry continues to assist her staff with continued education and maintaining best practices. She has been a dedicated patient advocate for early mobility in the ICU and has helped implement verticalization therapy in the critically ill.

In her spare time, Kerry is busy with her husband and three daughters. Whether they are watching their younger two daughters from the side lines at the soccer field or visiting their oldest at James Madison University, she enjoys being with her girls and watching them succeed.